Pricing & FAQ

HotCakes Pricing

Wedding Cakes 
Round Tiers are a price of $3.25/serving. Filled is $3.50/serving
Square Tiers are a Price of $3.75/serving. Filled is $4.00/serving

*Decoration Exceeding 2 hours of work will be charged an additional price of $25/hour.

Cutting cakes are available!! 60 servings each

$90.00 vanilla buttercream /
$105.00 filled

Custom Sugar Flowers are available!
An additional price to be decided on a per cake order basis.
(per stem + time)

Event Cakes
All event cakes are priced out on a per cake basis.

 $3.00 vanilla buttercream / $3.25 filled 
Design time estimate X $25.00/hour

Sheet Event Cakes
All inclusive pricing! 
Buttercream Cake with Custom Fondant Decoration
Serving     Price 
24           $65
36     $100
45 $125*
60 $165*
     *filling included  

 $2.50/cupcake ~any flavor buttercream

 $2.75/cupcake ~filled or drizzled or simple fondant decoration

 $3.00/cupcake ~all of the above


Mini Cupcakes!!
$1.75/cupcake with a specialty drizzle

*Fondant cupcake decoration with be priced on a per order basis. 

Delivery $0.55/mile to & from outside of Shawano city limits

Wedding tasting -$20.00. If you book your wedding cake with me this will go towards your order.


Wedding Cake -25%

Event Cake – 50%

Rentals are available for an additional fee.  ex. Cupcake & cake stands

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  1. What is the frosting used to decorate my cake? Cakes are stacked with my custom vanilla buttercream.  Filled cakes are filled with any number of scratch made available fillings. Cakes are then either frosted with vanilla buttercream or covered in ganache.  The cake is lastly decorated with buttercream, fondant, modeling chocolate, gum paste & wafer paper. Ganache is high quality white or dark chocolate mixed with cream.  After applied it sets.  This gives your cake a stable flawless look and feel and tastes AMAZING!! Fondant is scratch made and custom colored.  I make mine with marshmallows. Modeling chocolate is also scratch made from either chocolate or candy melts.  Gum paste is used for sugar flowers.  This product can be rolled out paper thin and dries and keep indefinatelty.  Wafer paper is a rice paper that is edible and can be used  on for a number of techniques. 

  2. Should I keep my cake in the refrigerator? Yes, buttercream cakes will be kept at their best quality when kept in the refrigerator.  9 times out of 10 this is for quality reasons only and not food safety reasons, meaning, your cake is fine to sit out at room temperature. Should you have a cake that requires refrigeration for food safety purposes you will be specifically informed. Ganached cakes should be kept at room temperature.

  3. Are the cakes made from scratch? Yes, the cakes I make for you are all scratch made recipes that I have tested (and re-tested). All frostings, fillings & fondants are also scratch made. I aim to use the best quality ingredients. There are a few small exceptions to this rule for the sheer fact that I cannot produce a better quality product for you. 

  4. Can I do a tasting? You may do a testing for wedding cakes only. There is a $20.00 charge for tastings. Should you place your order with me, I will put that $20.00 charge towards your wedding cake. At the tasting please bring with you any pictures you have, number of wedding guests, swatches of wedding colors, florists name & number, etc. When booking a tasting please mention any flavors you were hoping to try.
  5. How soon should I place my order? As soon as possible!! There are only so many orders I can take at once so book your date as soon as you can! Once you have your event date, approximate number of guests and design place your order with an estimate for what your cake cost will be. Confirm your order, sign contract and place a deposit. Any order can be altered after this time but your event will be locked in.

By Tara